Project Lost

What is Project Lost? Project Lost is the code name given to the rom hack project I am currently developing for New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the Nintendo 3DS and Citra emulator.

Highly Detailed Synopsis Hurdle tricky obstacles and solve the puzzles in the seven temples, gathering clues from each one to later piece together for a huge puzzle to unlock something special. Some moon coins will slip between your fingers so either be nimble and quick or know when it's a trick and when it's not.
New Levels! New Tilesets! Puzzles!
Level Showcase: 1-A
So where can I download this? This project is still currently in the works. Project LOST has a small team and there is a lot to do so please be patient. We are aiming for quality and that takes time.
To keep up to date on this project and for nsmb2 hacking tutorials, please join the official Project Lost discord server here.